We bought our first beagle in 1975 from a breeder in North Jutland - Kennel Magic Noire, by Claus Haugaard Sørensen. - Yes, back then it was not Magic Noire, as Claus at that time had not yet received his kennel mark.

That it was precisely the beagle that was chosen was something of a coincidence.

John and I moved into our own house in 1975, and for me - who grew up with animals around me – for me there was no doubt - we should have a dog - and I wanted it to be a flatcoated retriever.

John didn't think we should have a dog at all, but I finally managed to convince John that we could always go to Claus’s place to see the puppies he had (Flatcoated retrievers).

Of course, it was with ulterior motives - I was convinced - that when John saw these 6 week old puppies - he wouldn't be able to say no!!!

The little black puppies were let out into the yard for us and they were really adorable. After some time, I asked John - if he didn't think they were wonderful. Yes, they were - but if he was going to have a dog, it would have to be someone like that!! - And then he pointed to a little beagle walking in a dog yard.

Well, I thought - it was better than nothing. - And what hasn't it led to........... Once you have a beagle in the house, you lose your heart to the breed - and we are no exception.

In 1978 we had our first litter - not puppies, but children - the twins Christian and Michael were born, and for the next few years, there is not much room for anything other than diaper changes, childcare, etc.

In 1981, we moved to the countryside - the children had grown up - and suddenly there was time for anything other than children. We - John and I - decide that one beagle in the house was far too little, and we had now also become a little interested by all that stuff about breeding and dog shows.  We talk to Claus Haugaard Sørensen about further purchases of 2 beagle, and suddenly we had 3 beagles in the house.


Our first beagle Ninka didn't have the best exterior, but she was a lovely dog - OK she got two 1st prizes and a 2nd prize, but puppies we didn't think there was any reason to get on Ninka.  So we waited until the young one were just over two years old, and our first litter was born in 1983 - Here we kept a male dog who was completely unique - both in terms of temperament and exterior - and he also became our first Danish champion.

Later, there have been many more - I will not tire you here with the names and lines of all our dogs over the years - since only a few people will get anything out of it.

Over the years, we have made 1-2 litters of puppies per year - and it will probably never be more – we want it to be fun to have puppies, and it should be an event that we look forward to.

Over the years, there have been many champions in Denmark and abroad, and it’s no secret that we are very proud of our breeding, and we will constantly work on improving the breed and making healthy, well-functioning and beautiful beagles.

Today we have 5 beagles Skansehøj's Leonora (Cleo), Skansehøj's Maybe, Skansehøj's Rachel Zane (Cookie), Skansehøj's Ubbe and Skansehøj's Kimberley (Kimmie).

Hope you will stay a little on our website and take a closer look at our many beautiful beagles.


Best regards


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